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Session Location Options

The location choice will set the tone for the wardrobe choices and over all feel of your images.

Rural: Our field/nature sessions use the natural grasses, trees, wildflowers, and open spaces of the country as backdrops for your portraits.  These sessions take full advantage of the changing colors of the seasons, with each season offering something unique.  The ideal time to photograph sessions in this setting is 2 hours before sunset during the “golden hour”.

Urban: Urban sessions focus on texture, color, and the architectural details of the cityscapes and alleys.  These sessions tend to be a bit more modern in styling, giving a hip/trendy vibe to the images.  These sessions take place in late afternoon or early evening.

Studio: Indoor sessions take place in our Historic Downtown Columbus, NE based studio.  These in studio sessions are perfect for our youngest clients, as the studio allows us to shoot in a temperature controlled protective environment.  We will use our vast selection of backdrops, hand-made pieces, and vintage props to create special unique set-ups for your session.


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